July 2nd, 2017 was our first Fun Day. A few of us, including Koko, Salyna, Andy, and I woke at 6:00am while everyone else woke at 6:30am. While we ate breakfast at 7:05am, Mindy and Zen helped braid many girls´ hair, which became masterpieces of art ideal for the trip ahead. Photos of breakfast is attached above. (We ate a traditional fruit called cherimola, as shown in the first photo. We also had the well-known and very-appreciated dish of scrambled eggs.) After the quick meeting at 8:00am, we all left on the bus for Rio Verde (¨Green River¨). Esli volunteered to carry the bag of pears while Marcos and Andy each carried a jug of water onto the bus. Meghan said ¨Hi¨ to everyone she passed on the bus (cue rapid exchange of greetings). Big thanks to Kimberly for withstanding my singing on the ride and giving her own rendition of ¨Wheels on the Bus.¨ Haley mentioned something about how shouting ¨Ahhhh!¨while going through tunnels results in echoes… A screaming bus of odd American teens passed through a few consecutive tunnels. We arrived at Rio Verde at 10:40am and hiked out to see the waterfall Pailon del Diablo (¨Pot of the Devil¨) (2). On the way, we went under a little overhang (vista point 1). Then, we crossed a rope bridge to vista point 2 (3), where we got the ¨misty¨ experience. After hiking back across the bridge and a bit of the ways up, we split into two groups- one of which stayed at the initial destination to view the waterfall near its base (vista point 3) and the other which climbed up through claustrophobically narrow and dark cave-ish rock holes (crawl spaces!) to get behind the water fall, where they got the full ¨shower¨ experience (vista point 4).  we have more, but we are running out of time… more if we can.

Insert two photos from Ms. B. (Shiloh). – The obligatory group photo of one group in a wider part of the crawl space and a view of vista point 3 halfway up to vista point 4.

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