In the midst of participating in many cultural activities there is always a time for some fun. Today the Glimpsers had a free day to relax and do as they please. We were able to go to the Internet Café which gave us a chance to communicate with our friends and also went out for some ice cream. Half of the kids stayed in town as the others went to play some basketball. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we ended the day off with teaching some of our fellow Ecuadorians the English language which is a very great experience. I, Sha Torres, was chosen to be El Lider Del Dia which I have never done before. At first, I was kind of nervous leading a group of 19 kids. I was able to push it aside and be myself and not change my character based on the position I was in. The challenge itself seemed difficult but I just did what I do best, and that’s making people happy. As the day progressed, there were some frustrating moments but I was able to keep composure and learn from them. From my experience of being El Lider Del Dia today, I’ve learned that it’s best to not change who you are even though you are put in a high position. Also, it’s always important to NEVER leave your group dehydrated. It may cause some serious stomach problems and will also be bad for your toilet. Other than that everyone had a great time and I hope to be in this position again in the future.








Shout Outs:

Hi mommy, Hope you’re having fun in Virginia. I love you, and see you soon. Love, Mumzy -Celestine Samaroo

Dear Dad, It was nice talking to you this morning. Next time I’ll  try to talk to mom. Love you,  -Sarah Molina

I’m alive.  -Jasmine

Thank you for commenting finally!! Love you and miss you too.  -Malik

I hope you guys are having an awesome time in New York. See ya guys soon. -Cara

It was awesome talking to you guys, and I hope you are enjoying your time without me. -Ayanna

Hi Mom, Dad, Akida and Adhyr. How are you doing? I am having a lot of fun. We went to the city and I tried to call at a call center but it rang out. I wish I could have talked to you, but I’m thinking of you every day. I love you. -Roby

Mommadukes and pops. Wassup? Just know I am still alive. Lol. But yeah this is a great experience. Ima see you soon. Love you guys. -Zaavan

Hi mommy, I love you and I miss everyone so much. I can’t wait to see you guys again. Everything is great, but I really want to get home to you guys. Love, Tishiya

Hi Amman, Appa, and Naha, hope you are having a great time back home. I’m really having fun here in Ecuador. Can’t wait to talk soon!- Rishi Krishnan