Hello Global Glimpsers!  I’m so happy to be writing the first post to our group’s trip blog! Be sure that your family and friends are all aware of our blog and know to check it during your trip for updates on what we are doing each day we are in Granada. If you haven’t already done so, have a look at the June 8 Granada Grouhollyatptreyesp’s blog – they have been posting daily and you’ll get a good idea of what is in store for us in on our trip. Each student in our group will have a chance to post to our group blog on the day that they are the leader of the day (el lider del dia), so it’s a great way for friends and family to stay connected and keep up with what we are doing.

Hopefully, you all got my introductory email that I sent last week. I am a Social Studies teacher at Davis Senior High School in Davis, CA. I teach World Civilizations and Psychology and am very passionate about both subjects. I’ts hard to believe school has only been out for a week! In addition to being a teacher, I am a former Peace Corps volunteer – I served 2 years in Mali, West Africa working in education development. I also had the good fortune to live in Paris for half a year and have traveled extensively throughout Europe, the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. In Latin America, I have never ventured beyond La Paz in Baja, Mexico and am very excited about visiting a new part of the world.

I am a mom to two teenagers, ages 17 and 14 and have 2 dogs who love to follow me around the house. When I’m not watching my daughter row crew or watching my son play basketball, I like to be outside – walking, hiking or biking. I also practice yoga several times a week and I love to cook, read and hang out with my friends.

I am so looking forward to our trip and to meeting you all soon!