Today was madddddd fun. We woke up and ate crêpes with banana inside and whip cream on top. After breakfast we went to los pipitos to finish our project, but because it was raining we decided to finish it later. From there on we had free time till lunch. Some of us got our nails done (Meeee and Hira), print photos, buy snacks and souvenirs. Then we got ready for lunch, we had soup which was called ”Rise of the dead”. After lunch we went back to los pipitos finished up painting the names of both Los Pipitos and Global Glimpse. Then we bought them a piñata with the extra money we had from the leftover money set for the CAP project. We also danced with them and had a lot of fun partying with everyone. In the end, we got a certificate thanking us for partnering with them to do the mural and clean the warehouse. Afterwards we got pizza again from the same place as last time and had some more free time after the pizza. Then dinner and nightly meeting as usual.