Hello families and friends! Celeste here to report on our day today! And my co-captain Rodrigo! Today we had a “free day” near or at our hostel. As the leader of the day today I woke up at 6am thinking that it was like a regular day, clearly it was not, so I woke up every one at 7am instead of 8am (sorry). We had breakfast at 9am, delicious as always thanks to our kitchen staff. After breakfast we had the option to do our laundry, hand washed! Our staff showed us how to scrub and wash our clothes, useful life skills. 🙂 A lot of the group also went to “colmados” a way to say Dominican Republic corner stores. On our way back to the accommodation we were welcomed into the home of a family member of Flora’s, our coordinator, we got to see piglets and the huge mama pig (she was huge, probably as tall as Alyssa :O ) The walk back was extremely hot but because we pushed each other we made it! We played card games and got to know each other even more when we returned. We really enjoy  each others company. We came back together to have lunch where we had the delicious chicken Cordon Bleu (it is truly amazing and fantastic and just heaven in your mouth) but we also have options for vegetarians, Soy seasoned in the most perfect way.

After lunch the group went to the pool where we also played Pool. Some stayed behind to catch up on sleep, play card games, and dance el caballo dorado. We were accompanied by our global glimpse leaders everywhere we went and had tons of fun with them. After having fun at the pool we returned to the accommodation to enjoy our dinner. At tonight’s Armando beat boxed for us and hummed red bone at the same time! He’s so talented it was amazing! Prash chugged a whole water bottle in 8 seconds, impressive stuff and staying hydrated! All in all, we are having a fantastic time with each other and learning about each other as we come out of our shells.