Hello proud parents, today my fellow Glimpsers and I had our very first free day!!! (YEEEEAAAAH)

We started out with a 8 AM wake-up call (a luxury for today). Then we headed out to La Favorita and had scrumptious cutup watermelons, bananas, granola, and strawberry yogurt.

After this we walked back to Emily’s Hostel and formed groups of 4+. All Glimpsers received a map that had safe areas to explore. Furthermore, we had a designated Team Leader per group. All Glimpsers carried a map that had safe areas to explore. We made sure to come back to the hostel 15 minutes earlier in order to avoid complications with the schedule. If we were even one minute late we would have consequences, so needless to say we were never late.

As I am typing this I have just been reminded that lights out will be in 10 minutes ;(. That being said, I am surrounded by bird whistles that almost all of the Glimpsers purchased for a steal. I for one purchased $20 worth of souvenirs such as: a Mexican dancing top, splendid shirts, and as I mentioned before bird whistles.

Back at the hostel we had our English Tutoring prep. We now have knowledge on the strengths of our students and where our teaching needs to be focused upon.

We then had out CAP (Community Action Project) Presentation Prep. We split into groups of 3-5 people to cover 4 topics including: Building lunch tables, restoring paint and mosaics, refurbishing a broken tire swing, and building a bookshelf for the Casa de los Suenos (House of Dreams). Sorry about the accent on the n but what can you do with English keyboards.

Next we walked to our English Tutoring Classes. As we walked back I talked with one of my fellow glimpsers about her experience, and she essentially said, “I know how to speak English, but teaching all of these rules is hard because they do not come up as often as they should.” She was specifically concerned with teaching correctly, something that we all value. For all future classes, this humbling experience will inspire us to try harder on our lessons so we can provide the best education for all of our students so they can achieve their dreams.

Overall, today was an amazing day. We were finally able to explore Granada at our own pace, and what more can we ask than that (A/C?… nah).

Stay brave Parents, Grandparents, Girlfriends, and Boyfriends (yes we read all embarrassing comments out loud, so please, pile em on),

Sujay Srinivasan, with 10 seconds to spare, signing off.