DSC_0827Today was the day in which most of us accomplished all of our souvenir shopping for our family and friends. We surprisingly all made it on time to our meeting locations which definitely made our leaders proud. Most of us spent the day at the market trying to bargain, going to the internet café, visiting the ice cream place and having up to four scoops of ice cream!!!!Being El Lider del dia made me feel like the mother of the group and how afraid I was of them going astray. Today was definitely a day in which we were reminded of American food because our dinner consisted of fried chicken, chips and of course our veggies which were cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. 😊😊 In addition to our free day, we had our last English class which was an emotional moment for many glimpsers. I think for many of us it was surprising to see how much the students appreciated us and that was a fulfilling moment. We had celebrations with music, food and games but of course in English. We look forward for tomorrow as we will be starting our final project and we will be sending updates.