The second free day of the trip was a roller coaster of emotions. It was not only our last free day, but also our last day of English tutoring. Even though we were not supposed to really be up until 8, all of us had to end up waking up earlier than expected, because the breakfast came really early. 😮


After that most of us went out in groups to enjoy our free day. We went to the internet café again to talk to family and friends, we bought souvenirs and walked around the city more. Many of us ran out of money on the first half of the free day. After meeting for lunch at la favorita many of us went back out to explore or spend the last of our money on gelato or gifts for family. It was a hot day, so most of us came back to the hostel early after walking around all day, because we were tired. We worked on or thank you letters to Global Glimpse donors, played cards or napped. Many of us also prepared for our talent show later. We all left the hostel together a little after 4 to go to the tutoring center.


Our last day of English tutoring began with a dance and flute performance by some of our tutoring students. Then we performed for them. We did two funny skits – one about pretending to pass water to each other from mouth to ear in a circle (hard to explain) and one about going to see the doctor and each sick patient that came in gave his or her ailment to Jeremy, who was already in the waiting room. By the end of the skit, he was coughing, sneezing, itching, vomiting, had a fever, and a backache. He ran off stage when a pregnant lady (played by Sophie) entered the waiting room. Everyone laughed.😆 The last act was Stella, Jamie and Aija singing Crazy Right Now by Beyoncé, which was great. After that, the day got real emotional because we not only have three days left with each other, but because this was our last day with the students we have been teaching for 9 days. Many of us brought gifts for our students and many of our students gave us gifts, too. It was hard for a lot of us to say goodbye. Now we all look forward to making the best out of our last days here, and we can’t wait to see our families soon.