iBuenas Noches lovely Global Glimpse families and friends!

This is Briana and Kyle reporting to you live from CONAMUCA, San Cristobal, Republica Dominicana.

Briana here. Today was our second and last free day of our trip. Today began with our 7 am wakeup call and as Lideres Del Dia, Kyle and I, woke up at 6:15 am and we have no idea why, but we can proudly say that we were full of energy all day, even though it is coming to an end right about now. After every single one of our fellow Glimpsers were up and ready to enjoy their free day, we headed to CONAMUCA’s Comedor and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. Following breakfast, we headed to our conference room for a seminar in which we took the time to appreciate those who have supported us since we joined Global Glimpse. We then created an Action Plan for our three CAP Projects, with everyone being present physically, but not mentally. (Sorry Jatnna) Regardless of our exhaustion, we were all able to come up with an efficient Action Plan and are more than ready and excited to work hand in hand with the community to promote awareness and information about Cuevas del Pomier. Now to Kyle.

Thanks Briana! As the clock struck 10 am everyone was pumped and ready to either enjoy their free time or immerse themselves in the local culture and wash their laundry by hand. Compared to the first free day, more Glimpsers washed their clothes by hand. Because of the many clothes and few tubs to clean them in, there was a long line for washing. While waiting, people played volleyball with the neighborhood kids, played cards, and took naps. Also, there was a lot of hair braiding, courtesy of Zelie. (Speaking of Zelie, shoutout to her family and friends for their many lovely comments on the daily blogs. We really appreciate it and enjoy reading them.) This free time and laundry washing lasted until 1 pm. At 1 pm, lunch was served by the lovely CONAMUCA staff. We enjoyed my personal favorite, and Kareem’s personal not so favorite, WHITE RICE! It was served with steamed vegetables, pork, sweet fried plantains and bean soup. Now back to Briana for the afternoon report!

Alright Kyle, here it is! At 2 pm, we were on the bus and ready to head into San Cristobal Centro. I want to take this time to thank our amazing driver Giovanni for being so patient and kind, also for not going crazy with all the great music played by our incredible DJ LUUUUUUUUUUUUUZ, aka our GG Leader. When we arrived in San Cristobal Centro, we broke into two different groups, one being the bookshelf committee who had to buy all their supplies for their CAP Project and the other being the Brochure Translators and the Social Media Specialists, who already had all the supplies needed. I can only speak for the second group, but we had time to call our loved ones (no one cried… Kyle says). We later headed to a souvenir shop in which we bought keychains, bracelets, necklaces, and bags. We also went to buy DR Flags at the request of some of the Glimpsers. We ended up meeting the other group at La Sirena (the Dominican Costco) and we all bought snacks and souvenirs and then headed back to our meeting spot, already exhausted with all the walking we had done. We headed back to CONAMUCA and on our bus ride back, we had the chance to read the past blogs and all your beautiful, heartfelt, and much needed comments. And to end the night, here is my amazing co-lider del dia, Kyle.

Thanks again, Briana! So, once we got back to CONAMUCA, we had a little free time till 7 pm, dinner time! Dinner was amazing as usual and everyone surely enjoyed it. After dinner, our Nightly Meeting followed in which our title of El Lider Del Dia and our cape was passed on to Nakita and Isabella. We know they’ll be great leaders tomorrow. After the meeting, free time was once again ours. This is the time that this blog was being typed. While it was being typed, people were playing Chubby Bunny, playing cards, reading and drawing. The funniest part was Chubby Bunny, even though we weren’t able to participate. But it was still great to see our fellow Glimpsers have fun with one another. So that’s all for tonight. Thanks for joining me and Briana! We look forward to reading your amazing and warm comments. Thank you again and buenas noches!

P.S. (This is Kyle) Mom, I hope you get to read this one and see what a great time I’m having here in the DR. I just want you to know I’m ok and am having a wonderful time. I love you and Kuya and see you guys really soon. I can’t wait to tell you both all about it.

(This is Briana) Thank you all for your great comments and special shout out to my sister and mom, LAS AMO, I miss you, and you’ll be happy to know I have been enjoying my time very much… Learning, growing as a person, and, of course, dancing lots of bachata… Give Cami a huge hug for me, see you soon. (=