Hi, I’m Justin. Today was an interesting day; Free Day 2. Free Day 2 was slightly different from Free Day 1 because we were allowed to leave the hostels without being accompanied by a GG Leader. Coming into the leadership position, I figured choosing Free Day 2 would be the easy way out. Well, I was sadly mistaken. One of the challenges I faced as leader was communication. It was a difficult task to be aware of where everyone was at throughout the city as everyone branched off into different groups, doing different things. One major responsibility that I quickly learned was trust. Yes, trust was established within the first few days, along with the friendships that were made, but the trust that was needed today was much greater. Throughout the day, we were allowed to do different things to pass time. Some went to get ice cream, some got their hair done and others just enjoyed their time being with friends. Oh , and almost EVERYONE called to speak to their loved ones. However the time was spent, just know it was a break well needed from our action packed schedule.  MAMBA OUT !

Today Was A Good Day …  – Ice Cube