Today we had our second free day which means we finally got to go out by ourselves! I started off the day by giving everyone a wake-up call at 8 AM. Although we finally got a chance to sleep in, it turned out that most of us were already awake by 7:30 AM, including myself. We had breakfast at Imabite at 9 as usual, and at around 10 we got to head out into the city in groups of 4 or more. The groups were free to go wherever they wanted to; most went to buy souvenirs at local stands and markets, internet cafes to call home, the supermarket to buy food, and the best smoothie place in Leon– Jugoso! Unfortunately, many places were closed because it is Sunday, including the majority of internet cafes. After heading out in the town a little bit, the groups had to check in at Imabite at 11:45 AM, and were free to either eat lunch there or elsewhere if they wanted. All the groups chose to give the local restaurants a try, and most were raving about their meals afterwards. Once again the groups were free to go and explore the city. One group in particular met up with a couple of the students from their English tutoring and had a blast just hanging with locals in the city. An immense downpour  ensued around 3 PM, and I know that many Glimpsers had a blast dancing in the rain and jumping in the puddles while strolling through the streets. After a long day we all returned to Imabite at 5:45 PM for dinner and headed back to the hostel for a nightly meeting at 7. Just when we thought our packed day was over, we spontaneously decided to head out to the plaza at 8:45 PM for the Azul Dario festival. There we enjoyed watching the beautiful dances and a spectacular light show projected on one of the buildings. In awe but exhausted, we finally headed back to the hostel to get a night of good sleep after a long day.