Today, August 5th, we had our second free day where we had the chance to explore the town of Riobamba, and what it had to offer on our own. We woke up later than we usually do which gave a lot of people time to sleep in from all the hard work we did yesterday.

For breakfast, we had scrambled eggs, yogurt, strawberries, hot chocolate, and the bread, which we all love. Then we split up into three groups, where we had the chance to explore, like going to Plaza Roja, trying new places to eat, getting our nails done, and talking to our families at the Internet Cafe.

Then we met back up to have lunch at Roma Santa, where we ate cream soup, baked chicken and rice, and a coffee cream. Afterwards, we split up in groups and continued our adventures. Some of the places we went to were: Happy Pollo, a local chain restaurant that serves fried chicken, Cafe de Paris, a coffee shop, and Crepe & Company, a dessert shop that sells delicious crepes. After our last moments of exploring on our own we met back for dinner at Roma Santa.


We made our own burritos and danced Bachata. Next, we came back to the hostel where we had our nightly meetings, and welcomed our new leaders of the day for tomorrow. Overall, today was really relaxed and enjoyable where we had the chance to spend more time with our peers outside of our usual structured schedule.

Being leaders of the day was a very intensive task from the end of last night to the end of today. We took on a lot of responsibility, making sure everyone was safe and healthy. Also, we had to make sure that we managed time and everyone made it to the hostel in one piece with also a few other items. We realized that being leaders takes a lot of courage, commitment, and compassion (Our three Cā€™s). Today as a whole made us stronger individuals and better leaders for the future.