Today was a pretty exciting day; Glimpsers were allowed to enjoy a day filled with events of their choosing. Many of Glimpsers called home because, of course, we all miss home; soon after our actvities we returned to our normal day and made the best out of the few days we have left.

We visited a Honey Chocolate factory, which was pretty interesting. My peers and I got to praticipate in the chocolate and honey making business while also learning interesting facts about both. Who would of thought pollen is actually good for you? As we learned today, pollen is rich in antioxidants.

DSC02316 DSC02324

After the Honey Chocolate factory, we returned to doing what we want. Some kids continue to give up their time to help out; for example, Noah, Lawerence, Tyreik and Daniel worked with our friend, Juanito, to learn to weld the pieces of the park we are working on for the indigenous community.


Other kids, however, enjoyed a day at the park and in the city. My group of peers and I went into a park into the city where we drove a paddle boat. The experience was definitely one for the books! I dropped my glasses into the water and, thanks to Raymond, who walked into the shallow water, I got them back. He was truly my hero today because I don’t know what I would have done without my glasses. This is definitely what Global Glimpse is about: creating a family willing to take extreme measures for you.

DSC02756 DSC02740

Have a good night.



Daniel: “Shoutout to my momma, I love you, I miss you, I appreciate you.”

Ty: “Shoutout to my mom, dad, and Babygirl Jade.”

Chelsea: “Shoutout to my mamacitas and to Alex and Justin! Miss you boys so much!”


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