Free Day

Today wake-up call was at 8:00 AM, giving everyone an extra hour to sleep. For breakfast we all had delicious French toast with maple syrup which the glimpsers love. We also had plenty of free time which we enjoyed spending out in the city of San Victor. All of us travelled to a free internet café where everyone was happy to finally see a computer but complained upon seeing how slow the internet was. We also had a chance to visit the Pasteleria (bakery) which had incredible sweets and drinks for everyone.

While walking back we had rain for the first time during our trip, and it was too loud to even hear anyone speak. One group remained at a salon until the rain lessened. We ate lunch at 1 pm, but some people were late because it was hard to get to the cafeteria due to the rain. Later we had an emotional time speaking to parents and loved ones. We had an exciting time connecting with our students while tutoring. By dinner time we got to eat pasta which was not on the menu.

The nightly meeting was quick, allowing us more free time before bed. Everyone still had a lot of big love to share! Even though it rained heavily, we all decided to continue the meeting. I passed the torch on to Juan, who shared a couple of jokes and the numbers 1-10 in French. I am confident that Juan will be a fantastic leader tomorrow.

Stay hydrated