Today we went to breakfast at Cafe del Tren. We had Masa, an Ecuadorian specialty. After breakfast, we went to the craft shop behind Cafe del Tren and the museum of Cafe del Tren. When we were done with the museum we had free time for about 3 hours. We all went to the marketplace and the students bought souvenirs for themselves and their family members. When free time ended, everyone walked to Roma Santa for an amazing lunch. After everyone finished lunch, we had more free time. Some of us went to an internet cafe to talk to friends and family, and others went to a park to play soccer with the locals with whom they had made plans. Sadly, the kids weren’t able to play with the locals, so everyone headed back to the Hostel to prepare their lesson plan for their second English tutoring class. When everyone was done with their lesson plans, we all dressed up and went to teach our second English tutoring class. All of the classes went great and the students are getting better everyday! After all of the classes were finished, the students went and ate a superb dinner at Roma Santa. The owner of Roma Santa, Isabel, surprised the students with a dance party in the restaurant! It was lit to say the least.

imageHey mom, I miss you and the family! Please say hi to everyone. Love you