“Finally!” the response of people when I announced rest day was up next. Usually the day starts in the day but rest day started the night before with everyone at one of the common areas at the hostel interacting with each other. Some took showers some were already hanging out but once everyone came together everyone was connecting as people were finding me and more things in common. In my head, thinking as a leader, I’m trying to notice who we are missing so I can go invite to the conversation but as I count the heads in the room, everyone was there. I was the first one to go bed since our GG leaders extended our curfew and everyone was just enjoying their nightly talk.

Wake up call was at 8:30am but once I was ready, everyone was ready to go. However, some of us boys were stuck moving beds from rooms to rooms as we were assigned different roommates. Afterwards, a few of us boys went to go play basketball with a young local guy at a local school known as San Luis. We played for at least two hours and we went for lunch back to the hostel for an hour. Afterwards, it was our second round of free time and most people went to go call their family to check in as most people missed their family. Once everyone got that out of their way, people rushed to the supermarkets to buy American snacks which people seem to can’t live without.

One of the GG leaders had an activity of going to a ceramics place where they created their own pottery – traditional black ceramic. Afterwards, some people split up to their own activities and either got more snacks or went to eat at a restaurant. As we all gathered back together for dinner everyone was on their own table talking with one another as every night . We then did our usual nightly meeting, during which I notice enthusiasm growing during every night. As the night is coming to an end, a few of the boys decided to make the group their famous fried Oreos, it was some people’s first time trying one, and it was in Nicaragua! Overall, I have to say, today was a good day.

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