Today was a day everyone enjoyed and had fun. We had a free day. We woke up at 7:30 am and had one full hour to get ready. We then went to go eat breakfast at La Favorita and at 9:30 was when our free day began. The glimpsers had to be in a least a group of four if they wanted to visit a place. Since today was our free day we used this day to visit the most popular places in Granada. For example, some glimpsers visited la Iglesia De La Merced where the people have the opportunity to climb the stairs to the terrace of the church and have a full wide open view of the city of Granada and see the volcano 🌋 of Mobacho and also the houses 🏡 and markets. ┬áSome other glimpsers visited the Choco Museo (Chocolate Museum) where they received a full tour of the museum for free and even try some of the famous chocolate 🍫 that is actually made out of cacao beans. The cocoa or the cacao is the dried fully fermented seed and they use that along with other ingredients to make the chocolate taste rich, sweet, and delicious. We also had the great opportunity to call our parents which without a doubt, all the glimpsers were most excited about. Calling our parents was the best part of today because we got to talk to our families and tell them about our weekend so far here in Granada. It was both very emotional and excited. Personally for me, today was a very emotional day because it was the day I was expecting my sister Karla to come from Honduras and meet me for the first time. I have never met her in person and I waited for 17 years to finally meet her. She is 26 years old and is currently living in Honduras. Since the moment I saw her, I couldn’t stop hugging her and talking to her. We cried, laughed, and shared many things with each other. So I can say that I am very grateful and lucky to have come to this trip and country and not even dream in my life that this moment would happen. This trip has brought my sister and I together for the first time and when I go back the the states, I can finally say that I met my sister Karla and that I had the best vacation ever in my whole entire life. I believe that this particular day has brought along happiness, excitement, tears of joy, laughter, and unity and it brought the glimpsers way closer than we could ever imagine. I am grateful that we were all able to do what we wanted today and that at the end of the day, we still remember why we came here and the purpose it brings. Here concludes today’s blog.