The morning responsibilities of the leader of the day is to wake the Glimpsers, and energize them for the day to come. Wake up call was scheduled to be at 8:00am, and to accommodate this, I had planned to wake up around 7:00am. However, I found myself on the porches of the hostel enjoying the sunrise at 4:00am. I thought to myself, “Hey, the day hasn’t even started yet.”

After waking up my peers, we headed out for breakfast at our usual restaurant, Imabite. Despite the day being called “Free Day”, our time before lunch was limited to being within the hostel and heading out for breakfast. Most of us sat in groups playing cards or socializing during this time. However, after lunch, we were allowed to form groups of 4 or more and explore the city by ourselves. We formed groups based on our interests for the day. For example, one group planned on spending their day buying souvenirs and going to the movie theater, whereas another planned on grabbing coffee and exploring the culture of Leon. Being a caffeine addict, I couldn’t say no to coffee.

My group and I were enjoying coffee when a 10 year old boy came up to us and asked if we would be interested in buying some chocolate. We ended up buying some chocolate and getting closer with him. I was surprised at how motivated he was to sell chocolate and pursue an education. He offered to become our guide for the day and show us what Leon has to offer. He took us to a museum about historic leaders and explained to us who they were and how they left an impact on Nicaragua. My group ended up buying him a bike, a baseball cap, and a fidget spinner as a way to say thanks. We currently have plans to meet up tomorrow so he could continue his tour.

Shout out to my boy Bono Pan and to that one guy whose been commenting on all of the posts.