“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with their freedom.” -Bob Dylan

Today, we started with a nice, late wake-up, followed by a traditional breakfast of Colado Morado at Roma Santa.

After breakfast, we walked back to Roma Santa to then walk as a group to a place called Plaza Roja, where we helped small businesses by purchasing PONCHO’s! This being our one and only free-day, we decided to spare some time for a much needed laundry break.

Waiting for our clothes, we continued our day back at Roma Santa for lunch. Shortly after finishing eating, we split into groups and ventured off to explore the city. Some of us decided to call our families, ultimately resulting in a wonderful use of time.

The last activity of the day was an Appreciative Seminar for those who have used their time to make this an educational and overall memorable trip for us all. To them, Yupaichani.

To conclude, a nightly meeting full of laughter and stories of the adventure’s we’ve had today. BIG LOVE to our families! <3