Hi my name  is Keilani Waxdeck and today I was El Lider Del Dia. However unlike most days, today was a much needed and well spent free day! We all got to sleep in until 8:30am and then woke up to the aroma of sweet pastries and freshly brewed coffee. We then enjoyed a Pajama Breakfast until we were set free into the city one last time. Today we had approximately 6 hours to savor our final taste of not only Matagalpa, but our home away from home. Glimpsers eagerly made plans to stop by all their favorite spots in the city along with getting their last cone of ice cream at Besame. Walking in the city today was different than most days. I tried hard to really remember the details of every pastel colored building, local street vendor, and pattern of tiles. I also had an “in the moment” type of mindset. While purchasing gifts for family and friends back home a constant thought at the back of my mind was “When will I ever be in Nicaragua again?” followed then by an exchange of cordobas.

During free time Glimpsers also had time to buy food and drinks for our class parties. Since today was also our last tutoring session Glimpsers bought Dulce De Leche cakes, piñatas, cookies, and drinks for their students. Then finally at 5pm we walked over to the school where we tutor to say our farewells. Saying goodbye to my students was one of the hardest things I have had to do on this trip so far. I built such strong relationships with each one of them that I never anticipated a final goodbye. After handing out their certificates I felt so proud to be a part of their academic journey– It was definitely an honor not only as a teacher, but as a person. Until this trip I never knew how rewarding it is to watch your students blossom due to your dedication to their education. Oops that rhymed. Anyways, I definitely had one of those “teacher” moments knowing that all those last minute lesson plans and excess stress was not to waste. In fact, I don’t think this trip would even be the same without teaching locals English. Thank you Global Glimpse (once again).

Today was a day full of “lasts” and bittersweet goodbyes. Glimpsers left their last mark on the lovely city which has become a second home and teary-eyed goodbyes were exchanged between students and teachers. However despite the fair amount of sadness each one of us experienced today, an even greater amount of happiness was felt. We said our goodbyes by celebrating our student’s academic success and we left with more knowledge than when we came. Our students aided our growth just as much as we aided theirs, I couldn’t be more satisfied.English tutoring was a beautiful reciprocal arrangement between person to person. We left our mark.


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