CAP Presentations to the FEMUCANO panel

CAP Presentations to the FEMUCANO panel.

Lots of lessons learned today,

Emotions were expressed and feelings were shared.

As relaxing as a free day can be

Harsh realities are what we see.


We present ideas to those of the community

A community known as El Cacique.

We present ideas to beautify “el club”

We brainstorm the help out loud to come to plans

Plans to fix crack and holes,

To fix the nets and volleyball poles

To paint the great tree that should be drowned in painted handprints.

I take in ideas only to better the surroundings

The surroundings for a community from home

I recognize that true gratefulness has not been shown

I repeat,

Lots of lessons learned today.


I felt as if I had such a large vision,

A vision of the world for those of a different place and culture.

Around me there only seems to be a bond of family

A home and supper is plenty.

Happiness floats like a butterfly from house to house

Just as if these homes were nectar plants.

It’s all such a very beautifully-contagious infection out here

And it has now made me deeply ill

with nothing but great emotion and love spill.


The most inspiring thing for me today

Is not hard to think of

it’s Wilson.

Wilson is the bus driver for us 90% percent of the time.

He takes us here and he takes us there,

From the so magnificent waterfalls

To the despairing trash dump en La Mosca_(The Fly) yesterday.

As many flaws as a human can have,

None can be seen on him.

I can’t say I have yet to meet

Someone as honest, funny, polite and as punctual

as Wilson can be


Wilson is always doing the right thing.

Driving in the Dominican

Isn’t as easy as it is back home.

No traffic lights.

Barely any stop signs.

Careless non-helmeted motorcycle drivers.

Wilson inspires me,

I look up to his cheerful emotion

and his genuine character.


Who am I?

I don’t quite know, fully,

But I learn more about myself

as the wind shouts

as the rain roars,

as the sun illuminates,

as time passes,

experiences and memories

are the most valuable things in this world

with a price that is far from reach

a value that can never be bought.

Although some things may shine

some may make you hurl,

but all that matters is the connections made with human beings.

Human beings are who we are,

No matter the race





or skin color.

I learned that I’m capable of doing just about anything,

In the most humble way,

I learned that I’m a leader by example,

And I prove to myself how strong I really am.