Hi readers, welcome to our blog. It’s Ria and Maria.
Today was free day, which meant glimpsers went out into the city in 3 large groups. Most groups visited the Nicaraguan version of Starbucks, Seleccion, the small, cute donut shop Yum Yum, Kiss Me, unanimously determined to be the best ice cream shop ever, and internet cafés. Our group decided to play Hola, a game in which each person has to say “Hola!” to at least one stranger on the street. The game prompted interaction with locals rather than glimpsers just talking to each other. You could say that this free day was more successful than the last, because everyone got to do what they wanted to do, and all of the groups reported back to the hostel on time, without any issues. Even though traffic laws are practically nonexistent here, everyone was careful when strolling the streets so that no accidents happened. Although today was a free day, we were still encouraged to think about what we have learned from this trip and share more with the people. Some of us ran in to the students we tutored in English and spent some time with them. Being on our own, we had more responsibility to be organized and watch out for each other while having fun. It was definitely a very joyful day full of laughs and many photo shoots.
Signing out, your Líderes del Día
Ria and Maria
(shout out to Anthony and Calvin for not getting injured… today)