¿Qué onda chicos?

Guess what? The day that most of the glimpsers (including myself) where waiting for, finally arrived. Many things make this day unforgettable for all of us. One of those things is that our first FREE DAY marked the halfway of our trip. The glimpsers where so amazed that they woke up earlier than our scheduled wake up call. Our wake up call was at 8:30 A.M., but ALL STUDENTS were up by 7:00 A.M. (of course they made my wake up call easier). Our breakfast was scheduled for 9:00 A.M., but we were so excited to eat cereal again, that by 8:20 we were already eating our delicious cereal with milk and bananas. After breakfast, it was time to leave the hostel, apply sunscreen, and start our walk around the beautiful city of Estelí.


Due to the fact that we had to sign out of the hostel in groups of 4 or more, I couldn’t witness what every glimpser were up to on our Free Day, but I’m going to tell you about what my group and I did during the day. Our priorities were getting souvenirs for all you guys in “Artesanias La Esquina”, so wait for your shirts, keychains and purses. After that, we went to “La Colonia” to get some snacks for later in the day. Although it was our free day, we had the responsibility to compare prices for our materials needed for our CAP (Community Action Project) in Santo Domingo Preschool, so we went to a “ferretería” (A hardware store) to check for that.


Our last stop was in the Cyber Cafe, where many glimpsers logged in to their social media accounts and greeted their friends and families.  After, it was time for lunch, so we came back to the hostel and ate delicious grilled pork with rice and salad. After that, we met for our CAP seminar where we developed our ideas for our CAP presentation. We had many good ideas, but at the end we had to choose only two. Global Glimpse is going to present to Santo Domingo Preschool the projects of painting an inspirational mural and the sprucing of the playground and garden. All the glimpsers are super excited about these two projects and we hope the children enjoy this with the company of their families.

This was a free day, so after our seminar we had more free time, which we used to our greatest advantage and many of us went out of the hostel again. My group and I decided to go out and seek cultural murals around Estelí. We took pictures with our cameras that we will cherish forever.
After a good time of shooting pictures, we needed to come back to the hostel to start our preparation for our English tutoring. This is our third day, and we were very excited to see the improvement our students are making. The empty chairs are starting to get occupied with eager students and teachers with the desire to see their student succeed. Our lesson plan was ready, but we couldn’t go to teach with an empty stomach, therefore Digna (the lady that is maintaining us with food on our plates) cooked a delicious pasta with a refreshing “fresco”. We need to highly thank Doña Digna for cooking a delicious meal for all of us every day. With a filled stomach and the desire of teaching, we started our path to the school “Más Vida” and began our daily English tutoring. image
At the end of our English tutoring we came back to the hostel and ended our first free day with our Nightly Meeting. During our meeting, we reflected about our great day as whole group. We are already waiting for our second free day so we can buy more souvenirs, take more pictures, write messages to our family and friends. However, the most important thing we do on a daily basis is learn about Nicaragua’s culture.

“Peace out from Estelí 1A, later!”