Hello from the Dominican Republic again,

Today we started our day a little slow because we were able to wake up a little late!  After waking up, we had a wonderful start to our day with some delicious pancakes and scrambled eggs with some very good homemade iced tea, (don’t worry parents – all allergens were fed to their needs). After we were able to call you guys, which got very emotional as y’all know, but was a beautiful moment between us Glimpsers. All of us came together to make sure that every Glimpser got the support that they needed.

After that, we had lunch and then prepared ourselves to explore Constanza (5-block radius). We were broken up into 3 groups with Spanish speakers in every group in order to ensure a smooth experience. Glimpsers were allowed 4 hours of free time to explore the neighborhood which included activities such as basketball, eating, shopping, and getting to know the locals. We ended our day with dinner and a little dance party as well as our nightly meeting which we acknowledged everybody’s bravery for not only allowing themselves to be vulnerable with the community but also, the Glimpsers doing so well with being responsible and doing a great job of the task that they were given today.

For you Buenas Dias but for us Buenas Noches! ZZZ,


Michaela y Elijahblou