Woke up and I felt like ballin’, got up before I heard the roosters callin’. I was’El Lider Del Dia’ and it’s usually their job to wake everyone up but it was a free day so there was no wake up time. However, those that were scheduled to eat breakfast at Quiero Más were obligated to wake up in time for breakfast at 8:00. So for this blog, I will provide a brief summary of my day and then I will talk about the different kinds of food we ate. After eating breakfast at Quiero Más, we went to drop our laundry off at the laundromat. Afterwards, my group went souvenir shopping. Eventually, we headed back to Quiero Más for lunch. Then, one of our Global Glimpse leaders, Shiloh, took some of us to the art museum called ‘Museo de Arte Fundación Ortiz-Guardián and we saw many interesting artworks. It was a bummer though that we weren’t allowed to take any pictures. After the museum visit, we went back to the hostel for a couple of hours of free time until we had to head back to Quiero Más for dinner.


Here’s a picture of our beloved restaurant that we eat at just about everyday: Quiero Más. The name definitely suits the restaurant because I always want more.



The photo below shows the breakfast we had this morning: scrambled eggs with chorizo, gallo pinto, a tortilla, and fresh fruit on the side.


For lunch, we had spaghetti, rice, meat with veggies, and a tortilla.


Although we actually didn’t have this on our free day but on July 4th instead, here’s a picture of one of the many pizzas we got to eat. There’s red peppers, mushrooms, onions, and ham to accommodate all of our taste buds. We didn’t eat at Quiero Más that night but another restaurant in León instead and it goes to show that there are pretty good restaurants around the city because the pizza was delicious.


Below are some of the different types of food that were served for lunch and dinner. Most of the meals are served with rice and beans. Quiero Más accommodates everybody’s needs so the vegetarians would have substitutes for the meats with choices such as mashed potatoes and fried plantains just to provide an example.


LeonFoodDay2-11-142   LeonFoodDay2-11-133 LeonFoodDay2-11-113 LeonFoodDay2-11-35

On Global Business day, Quiero Más served us some pancakes. Though, they only served ONE pancake so definitely, “quiero más.”


On another day, we were served a traditional Nicaraguan dish of a soup made out of corn and a fried plantain. It was, in my humble opinion, the BEST dish Quiero Más has served us so far.



The best part of today was definitely the ice cream or as they say in Spanish, helado! We went to this ice cream parlor that only costed less than a dollar for a junior cone. Now THAT’S a sweet treat!



And now, here’s a picture of one of our amazing Global Glimpse leaders, David!!