Today was no ordinary day, it was our “free day”. As the leader I woke up 30 minutes before everyone and got ready. At 7:00 o’clock on the dot I disturbed everyone from their deep slumber. At 8:00, people made their way to breakfast to feast on some sandwiches that were made with extra love. After the sandwiches, our day finally began. People split into their groups for the CAP project. The CAP project is where we help an organization called Femucamo ( an organization thst is made up of many women from a low income community here in the Dominican Republic) hold a fair to sell their yucca products. After splitting into our groups we sent a few people from each group to Moca to buy materials and start publicizing the fair with flyers. While some of the groups left to Moca, the ones that stayed behind worked on websites for the organization to help their reputation even more. The day flew by from working on the CAP project and just like that we had lunch. Today’s lunch was a blessing; we had rice and beans with fried plantains and steak. Then when lunch was over we wrote letters of appreciation to Global Glimpse donors and got ready for English tutoring.

Teaching adults English is the weirdest, most fun experience there is. Having adults listen to a 17 year old is actually really fun. For my class, I make them play games to become more comfortable speaking and communicating with me. When we finished with teaching we walked back to have tacos for dinner which is always a fun experience. Finally, to end off the day we had our nightly meeting which helped me tremendously to get feedback on the type of leader I am. For example, I learned that it is good to be an enthusiastic leader, but charm isn’t everything. Being a prepared and more structured leader will by far make me an overall better leader. Oh and mom if you reading this I love and miss you with all my heart.