Buenas Noches mi gente from Jazz and Stace!!

We had the pleasure to be leaders for Fun Day. We started off last night baking the most delicious, scrumptious, moist Funfetti cake ever for our fellow Glimpsers, PCs, chefs, and GG leaders. We shared this as our talent for the night in which they passed us the sloth.

Luckily, Glimpsers were able to wake up later than usual, at 7:45 am, for our adventurous day. We had breakfast at 8:30 am, which included huevos (eggs), hash browns, fruta (fruit; pineapple, watermelon, and bananas), pan (bread), café (coffee), and jugo de naranja (orange juice). ¡Muy delicioso!

Today’s activity was a free day full of fun, where we hung out by a river. The bus ride took about 25-30 minutes. After we got off the bus, we, unfortunately, had to hike down a very steep and slippery path for 30 minutes. When we arrived at the park’s entrance, we saw people rock climbing but didn’t join them. Right after we arrived at the river, we saw witnessed a beautiful view of the river. Two of its pools contained fish! We were all very excited to jump in and swim, but the river was extremely rocky and slippery. Thanks to the love and friendship that we have gained on this journey, many Glimpsers assisted each other in walking through the lake. We had delicious empanadas and fruit for lunch, made by our wonderful chefs. We were also overjoyed to share our scrumptious Funfetti cake with our fellow peers and leaders, who loved it! Unfortunately, our trip got cut short as it began to rain and thunder. ): We had to hurry and pack our food, clothes, and other belongings so that we could begin our hike back up the mountain. After a dreadful walk up, we were finally able to sleep on the bus ride back to our accommodation.

When we returned, we had a 2.5-hour break to shower and change before dinner at 5:30 pm. We were served fried rice with pork and chicken, pasta salad, and iced tea. Miguel, one of our wonderful caterers, surprised us and brought along his beautiful family to join us for dinner, who also loved the cake as well!

Our nightly meeting was at 6:30 pm, where we passed the sloth to tomorrows leaders, and glimpsers also got the opportunity to attend a movie night at 7:30 pm to watch The Quiet Place. Now it is time for us to join movie night and go to sleep after! We hope you enjoyed our Fun Day blog!

Buenos noches, from Stacey and Jasmine