In the beginning of the day, our Glimpsers woke up to a delicious breakfast of pancakes with natural fruits and some iced tea. Shootout to Chef Frances, the best cook in Nicaragua for always cooking flavorful food for us. After breakfast we had some more free time to explore the city for the last time before we leave. The group split up into smaller teams. One group went to play basketball and the other half of the group went to buy snacks and pizza for their last English Tutoring Class. We then all met back up at the hostel to eat lunch – fried chicken with white rice, salad and tortillas.

We then all went back out in Matagalpa to go visit some friends that we made during our time here. We hung out with them at the park and had great conversations. We also went back to San Luis school to thank the principal for allowing us to shadow his students earlier in the trip. He ended up asking us to act as judges for their talent show auditions. We had a great time hearing the students sing and dance – it felt like we were on the set of American Idol. In the end, we picked 5 groups out of the 12 that auditioned. We then left and on our way out the English teacher thanked us for participating in the selection process.

We then came back for dinner and got ready for the last English tutoring session. For our last session, we threw parties for our kids and had a great time with them. It was sad to say goodbye to our students who we had gotten close to over the course of the trip. We have their contact information but of course it’s not the same as being together send seeing them everyday.

It was a pleasure to be the leader of the day for our free day. I can’t believe we’re headed home so soon!