Today was me and my fellow Glimpsers first FREE DAYY! Today I was the Lider Del Dia, it was a great experience. Our group was out to explore the city of San Juan.

We usually wake up to a wake up call but today we were able to wake up at any time we wanted to. Of course, I had to be up before everyone to make sure they wake up and don’t miss breakfast. Breakfast wasn’t such a big deal we had Fruit Loops and fruit, which was fine with me because I usually eat a bowl of cereals every morning back home. After breakfast we had time to call you all back home, which took a very long time but it was worth it because we really miss you all.

After lunch our great Youth Ambassadors Jason, Soary, an Ricardo took us out to explore the beautiful city of San Juan. All of the Glimpsers were split into three groups and my group Ambassador was Jason. Throughout the whole day I enjoyed myself very much but not all Glimpsers can say the same lol. First, Jason took my group to the ice cream shop. I took a pint cup with three scoops: one scoop of vanilla and two scoops of a bubble gum flavor. After everyone bought their ice cream with their pesos, we left for the souvenir shop to buy our long lasting memories of the D.R.

After that, we went to the super market to stock up on snacks. When we walked into the super market I was not expecting to buy any American snacks, I was planning on trying new snacks that were only Dominican. Luckily there was Sprite and Pringles chips, which I bought. I still wanted to try local snacks so I bought lollipops for myself and the students that I teach English to.  When everyone in my group bought what they wanted, we went on our way to the most exciting part of my day….volleyball!! Volleyball is my most favorite sport! If you want to know if we won…we didn’t lol. In the end we all met up with the other groups and other Youth Ambassadors and walked “home” with delicious warm churros.

I had a great day for the first free day and can’t wait till the next free day, hope you enjoyed hearing about my day! 🙂