Today was our free day.  We were able to explore the city as groups, so it felt great to travel to the places we explored earlier on in the week, such as the coffee shop, market, internet cafe, and other random locations each group wanted to visit.

It was surprising to see locals so helpful with lost glimpsers at certain points of our excursions, and it was great to see everyone feeling so confident and safe wherever they went.  My peers were very confident in asking for directions and testing their Spanish skills throughout the day.  Also, it was inspiring to see the leather shop owner, Maximilio, so helpful and patient with all our requests for customizing bags and belts.


(Photo creds Terez)

Being El Lider Del Dia on a free day is very chill, as there is not much to do, except for making sure people get home on time from their adventures, and that they have their meals on time.  I learned that I felt really comfortable talking to locals, asking questions, and feeling like another member of the community.