Hey guys Its Geronimo And Citlaly,

After having a rough week doing multiple activities every day we finally were able to have a free day, a day to have fun and relax a little. Relaxing by urging people to go to sleep and cleaning up some messes that were left behind. It was tough, but worth it. In the morning we tried our hardest to get everyone awake and in the dining hall on time for breakfast. We started the day having a cup of delicious oatmeal, a piece of fluffy bread, and juicy fruit. Also we got to say “hasta pronto” to our Trip “mom” Miss Cedillos, our leadership coach that had to leave the trip earlier. We took the last group photo with her and to say good bye.

Everything went smoothly and afterwards we had free time for two hours. Everyone went out to do their own thing, but it was really hard to keep track of everyone. At 11:00 we packed up our delicious lunches and headed out to buy supplies for our CAP project, to later arrive at La Sirena, a huge Walmart like store where everyone spent most of their money. Everyone got out the store with a bunch of food, souvenirs and empty pockets. Then we headed to the center of San Cristobal, where we divided into two main groups: Hamburgers and Ice Cream.

Brayan took us to the hamburger place, and we kind of lost track of time and got a little crossed with the location (inside joke) of a store that wasn’t even a block away. The food was refreshing, we all finally got a taste of “American food” which reminded us of home. We went to go buy some movies from a local vendor in the corner, but the movie we got was burnt and unusable. (We were trying to watch scary movies). Flora guided the Ice cream group smoothly through the day, we went first to the bracelet store where everybody bought a lot of bracelets and later we headed to a bakery where we spent about an hour and a half, most of us called back home and others bought fried chicken with some fries or bought pizza, which was also a break from the plantains that we have been eating almost every single day. After, we finally went to the ice cream shop which was filled with many different ice cream flavors: tropical fruit, strawberry, cake pistachios, special chocolate and many more. Later we headed to the bus, and Abraham dropped his ice cream and everyone laughed. It was a fun bus ride to the accommodations. After that, we had more free time we slept, and we laughed. Later tonight we baked some delicious brownies, ate popcorn and watched the movie Wonder Woman.

“Hey Mom, sorry for leaving a mess my room before I left — it looked like a rats nest.” – Geronimo