Hey Peeps, Yesi and Daisy here.

Today was our second Free Day and we had so much fun! We started off our lovely day by waking up at 8 A.M. instead of our regular time of 7 A.M. We had breakfast soon after, it consisted of mashed potatoes, sausage and a variety of fruits. After that we had a few hours to either hangout, call our loved ones, or do laundry by hand. By noon, we were all ready to board the bus and head to downtown San Cristobal! The bus ride was not too long but we had our packed lunches of rice, pork and veggies on the way there, YUMMY! Once we arrived, we headed towards La Sirena (the equivalent of Walmart here in the D.R.) and shopped for about an hour or so for souvenirs and snacks. While we were there we were also able to do some shopping for Ali’s surprise birthday celebration on Friday. Afterwards, some Glimpsers headed to Bon ice cream for a snack and others kept shopping around in stores. For example, Daisy went to get a passion fruit milkshake at a local batidos shop with GG Leader Stephen (aka Esteban), Youth Ambassador Jose Luis, and fellow Glimpser Rodrigo……Side note: that milkshake was the best milkshake Daisy has had, like ever.

When free time came to an end we went straight to English tutoring for our last class. For most of us, this was an emotional day since we’ve become attached to some of our students. Towards the end, we got to say our farewells, take pictures, and cry a little. Afterwards, we headed back to CONAMUCA and had dinner; we had bread, pasta, salad, and plantain chips. This has been a common dinner for us, but we really have been enjoying it. After dinner, we had our routinely nightly meeting in which we got to finally experience what it was like to lead a discussion based on the way that Dominican people spend their free time. When the time came in which we had to pass the torch to Kelly (aka Alpha) and Patricia (aka Patito) there was a moment of realization that the trip is really coming to an end. At the end of the night when everyone was already in bed, Yesenia stepped outside while finishing the blog draft and encountered a huge Tarantula that Brayan thought was only a shadow. After a few screams by Yesi and Brayan, the Tarantula was defeated by the mighty Chancla from a passing stranger. What a great way to end the night! See y’all in three days!! Peace out peeps love, Daisy and Yesi.