Hello fans of Leon 2A Global Glimpsers!!  I am here writing to about Day 9 (already the halfway point!), or our Free Day.  It started with a GLORIOUS 8:30 wake up time.  That was the latest wake up time we’ve had on this trip by far, and it was very much needed/enjoyed, as many people got the wonderful chance to rest and recover from the very hectic days before.  Kirsten and Brayan had the day off, but they both took time out of their day to visit us.

After we slept in, everyone got changed into shorts, as today was another hot day, and headed down to breakfast at Imabite.  It was casadias, with some cantaloupe juice.  Following the meal, everyone hurried back to the hostel so they could have more time to do whatever they decided/wanted to do during free time.  The only requirement was to sign out in groups of four or more.  Some groups finished laundry they had, and then went shopping at the stands in central square.  They had a variety of goods and souvenirs, as we ran around trying to find the best deal.  Some of us were successful, others were not.  Other groups headed to the internet café we walk past everyday on our way to Imabite to catch up on everything we have missed out on at home these 9 days we have been gone.  Others went to the supermarket to stock up on food.  Niki spent the part of the day on a much-deserved solo biking tour of part of the city, including the opportunity to visit and tour the Leon baseball field. IMG_2004

After our free time, we hurried back to our hostel to go to lunch, and we all ate up a buffet down at Imabite.  Afterward, everyone headed back to the hostel to do a couple of things.  One of them was to prepare for our English tutoring lesson.  Another was to start doing some preparations for our CAP project at Barriletes.  Even though it was a free day, everyone really got down and did the work for an hour, to try and help the community.  When everyone finished, we had more free time to go out and enjoy the city.  Brayan, even on his day off, decided to come down to the hostel to hang out with us.  He took some people to see Finding Dory (In Spanish of course), while others went out to do some more shopping.  The last group went to the internet café and then went to the market.  IMG_2001Everyone came back to the hostel to quickly change, and then headed off to eat dinner, out final meal of the day.

At Imabite (as usual), our meal consisted of spicy chicken, and afterward we walked over to English tutoring, day number 3.  I believe that it keeps getting better everyday, as we (the teachers) are getting to know the students more, and gaining more chemistry.  We taught our intermediate class about vegetables and fruits, while other teachers taught their students about times and directions.  We started to head home in a light drizzle of much-needed rain after the hot day.  All of the guys ran (S/O to Derek for an amazing post-dinner meal).  We had our nightly meeting, as I sadly had to pass the torch.  Brayan left to go downtown after hanging out with us for almost the whole day on his day off.  Some people ran to the internet café one last time to (sadly) check the score of the Warriors game (#rigged). As I type this, everyone is off to bed, as others played cards.  Tomorrow will be another busy day with a 6 o’clock wake up time!