Hello, my name is Aditya and I am the second student Leader of the Day. I am sixteen years old and am entering my senior year in high school. I play lacrosse, and love to watch American football, soccer and basketball. I want to go to Duke University and study either electrical engineering or computer science.

Today was our first free day of our three week stay in Nicaraguan. Essentially, a free day is an opportunity for students to roam the streets, talk to locals, and fulfill their desires of Nicaragua.

In the morning, half the group decided to play soccer with the locals (who are WAYY too good and do not seem to be affected by the heat), and the other half decided to explore the local markets, and grocery stores. After fueling up on a tasty breakfast of pancakes, cereal, fruits and orange juice, we were ready to leave.

I went to play soccer with the locals. What started as a small pick up game between glimpsers turned into a tiring, yet enthralling game as locals from the shops and streets joined. Glimpsers ended up losing 3-7, however I’d like to think that the experience was more valuable than scoring the W.

After our morning, we came back for a lunch of fried fish, vegetables, rice, and a cold drink.

Next, we all went to the local movie theater, followed by a visit to a culture festival that was taking place in the main plaza of Leon. There we made a few friends, and watched a performance by school children.

After returning to the hostel for a dinner of arroz relleno (rice with spices, corn, carrots, and peas) we watched the ending dances of the cultural fair and shopped at the nearby vendors’ tents.

Then, we returned back to the hostel and had an hour to relax and laze around before “going to bed” at 10:30.


Michelle, Matt says hi.

Robert and Stephanie, KK says hello.

John and Corrie, Jackie says hola.

Dad and Mom, I say hello as well.