Hey family and friends!

It was a simple yet fulfilling day for the delegation. Today was our first free day of our trip. The day consisted of staying in the hostel and using the free time we had to get to know one another better. With 22 people on the trip, it was very hard to get to know everyone in six days. We had the opportunity to bond with one another and have fun. During our free time we played many games like: Uno, card games, and dare games. The dare games were hilarious for context Fernando no longer has a moustache. While others talked and played games, some had the chance to do laundry by hand, which was a first experience for some people. Laundry day was ruined when the rain came pouring down and ruined the drying process for many. After lunch we had the chance to walk to the colmada or corner store and there we bought many snacks. Today was very laid back and we did not travel very much. The material going into this blog will not be as jam packed as the others, but we had a lot of fun and for the first time most of us can say we talked to everyone that is on the trip. Our relationships with one another grow stronger and stronger by the day. The label of “acquaintance” we once had for each other is no longer there. Though we only been here for a short amount of time, we can definitely say that it feels like we known each other for months. Everyone here misses home but we all feel like this hostel is another home, with the great support from our new family. We are having the time of our lives!

-Kristian Cruz and Jayjay Pastores

P.S. the weather is insanely bipolar