Although our scheduled wake up time was 8:15, many of the Glimpsers were up far before then, prickling with excitement for our free day. Breakfast consisted of fried plantains, beans, rice, and quesadillas, with strong, salty Nicaraguan cheese. Under an already beaming sun, we spent an hour writing appreciation letters to all the wonderful Global Glimpse donors who made this amazing experience possible. Around 10:00, the Glimpsers were a mass of buzzing bees, flying from room to room gathering our groups of four. We then fanned out into the colorful streets of Esteli, to shop for the perfect souvenir, hunt for cute clothes, contact loved ones in the internet cafe (or browse Facebook), sip a fresh fruit smoothie, meet or meet up with new Nicaraguan friends, or stock up on snacks. We converged at 1:00 for lunch, then headed out once more. As we approached 4:45, some of us were on the street across from the hostel, buying painted, comically round ceramic piggy and chicken(y) banks, when it started to rain. The cloudy, cool weather coupled with thick droplets of rain served as a wonderful respite from the hot sun. It carried us into a smooth, calm transition to English tutoring. As usual, for an hour and a half, the room was filled with laughing groups of adults and adolescents, and one joyous, scampering group of children lead by Jeonna and Natalia. While only one of six beginner adults showed up in my group, this gave Ishwa and I an opportunity to deeply engage with the student. By the end of the day, she could confidently conjugate a new set of verbs, and string simple sentences together with nouns such as dog, cat, leg, hat, brother, and sister. From much walking and tutoring, most of us gulped down our pasta, beans, rice, meat, vegetables, and juice at dinner. Our nightly meeting was filled with laughter as Brenda completed her designated challenge: to compose (in two minutes), and dramatically recite to the group a soulful love poem. Her poem was based off a solemn, ponytail clad young man in her English tutoring group, who seldom follows instructions, rules, or the lessons.

In all, today was charged with positive energy and strong friendships. We enjoyed our freedom to go out by ourselves, and are looking forward to the new experiences tomorrow will bring.