Today was our last day in the Dominican Republic and it was a bittersweet moment. We started off the day by waking up at 8 AM and having breakfast. We then had our final self-reflection where we reflected on our CAP project and finished our thank you letters. Today we had many free time opportunities where we were able to go into San Victor and buy last minute things as well as have a final walk in the streets on the Dominican Republic. During lunch time we had an emotional time because we said our goodbyes to the YAP students. Many of us built strong friendships with them which was difficult to say goodbye. We also had a final reflection with the whole group which was also emotional. We made Journey maps where we drew or wrote about memorable times in our time in the Dominican Republic. When sharing these memorable moments, we noticed that the act of helping others as well as hearing how others have helped really stuck out to us and are things we will hold forever in our hearts. We also gave Big Love to each other which was very emotional and sweet to hear how we all got close and created friendships that will hopefully last a long time. During dinner we said thanks to the Monte de Oracion staff for all the hospitality they offered us. Now we are having a party with Amelia’s host family and it’s a great time to bond together for the last time and close up for all the amazing memories we have made during this trip.

To sum up this whole trip there’s only word to describe it and that is friendship. Delegation 1 has been a great group of people filled with many personalities. There were times when we didn’t all see eye to eye but at the end of the day we were all there for each other. All the places we visited in the Dominican Republic changed our perspective and made us all open minded people. This trip has been a great experience, and we learned many things about life outside of the United States. The friendships we made here allowed us to work stronger together and have many memories that will last a lifetime. We now leave the Dominican Republic with mixed emotions because of all the friendships we made, the experience we gained but most importantly we hold powerful knowledge that we can spread to those back home. The Dominican Republic and the people here now hold a space in our hearts and we will never forget our time here.

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