Today we had the opportunity to share the experience of being co-leaders of the day. Today was an early wake up but a fun day was planned. We started off by eating breakfast, then we got a safari bus and went up into the mountains to El Divino Nino which stands for baby Jesus in Spanish. Then we hiked halfway down the mountain and just like every other trip someone fell. Then we took the safari buses back to the hostel and ate lunch which was sped up because of our busy schedule. We then got back on the safari and took it to the river where locals go to swim. Most of us enjoyed the freezing cold water in the river, but others not so much. We then hurried back to the hostel to get ready for our English tutoring class. Next we all enjoyed dinner. Then we had a quick nightly meeting which ended off us passing the torch. Today was just a great day.


Our trip to El Divino Nino really brought us closer than ever before. Whether it was the view of Constanza or us just laughing and taking group/family pictures; we all came together as one big family. What the group learned today was how to show more of the three C’s. Especially being compassionate and showing everyone cares for one another. Today people fell on the hike and were slightly injured but a sense of unity was present. We showed that we cared for one another and that we will always have each other’s back.


Elijah: What I learned today as leader is that a strong bond is needed in order to lead a group. I personally wish I could have been more involved into what the group was doing but had a great experience. Being a co-leader was a very valuable experience because it taught me that communication is key. We always had to be on the same page with one another in order to make the day go as smooth as possible. Thanks to my leadership coach I was told I was an effective leader along with having a co-leader and that we worked really well and smoothly together.


Ramel: Today as a co-leader I learned that being a leader takes a lot of hard work. When being a leader you have to show compassion, commitment, and courage. Those three C’s show the personality of a real leader. Also as a co-leader I showed that I am a compassionate person and I care for others. I also learned that you sometimes need help being a leader and I think my partner helped me lead the group today with ease. So the things that I will be taking home with me is being more compassionate and more involved with activities.

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