Episode 14: The Return of Giovanni
Hello family and friends. Our names are Erik Ramirez and Corrina Chung, and we are the Leaders Del Dia for our 14th day here in beautiful San Cristobal. Today was a free day and this gave us the opportunity to lay back, catch up on sleep, go to el colmado, as well as do laundry! FUN! While today was a free day, it was also a very hectic day. With the return of our dearly missed bus driver, Giovanni we went to Sol Nacimiente and went to teach our very last English class before graduation this coming Wednesday. At Sol NAciente, we bought and prepared the materials for our Community Action Project, as well as relaxed, ate Popsicles as well as let the heat eat us alive. At school, we did fun activities with our students, such as played duck duck goose and the human knot and to sum it up, a lot of dancing! Hugs and goodbyes filled the school as the end of our last class slowly crept up on us. We returned to CONAMUCA and ate dinner, passed The Leader Del Dia torch and had free time until bed time. Tomorrow we will begin cleaning up the community center and building a hostel for visitors.