Did today rock? You don’t even have to ash!

Greetings from Leon! On our second to last full day here in Nicaragua, we hiked up Cerro Negro and volcano-boarded down. We kicked off the day with an early morning start at 7AM. After getting ready, we walked to Quiero Mas for breakfast. We ate a deliciously healthy meal of cheese and turkey sandwiches and proceeded to a long and treacherously bumpy ride to Cerro Negro. Shortly after arriving at Cerro Negro, the employees at ranger station equipped us with volcano boarding supplies that consisted of a huge board that was difficult to carry and safety jumpsuits to protect us from the volcano ash as well as gloves and goggles. Although the hike was long and tiring, the breathtaking view at the peak of the volcano made it completely worth it. After mentally preparing ourselves, we all took turns sliding down the steep volcano. As we all gathered at the bottom of the volcano and laughed at our ash covered faces, we began to walk back to our bus so we could head back to the ranger station and consume our lunches.

For the next 45 minutes, our delegation shared many conversations and laughs over our chicken and rice that was gratefully provided by Quiero Mas. After a long morning we all decided it was time to leave and go back to the hostel to take showers, rest up and have some free time for ourselves. While some of us tried to sleep, most of the others laughed at those who attempted to sleep on our bus ride back considering it was like trying to sleep on a roller coaster.

During our hour and a half of free time, the water throughout the hostel stopped working, unfortunately. Nevertheless, this incident gave us all an opportunity to bond more in our hostel’s common area. Afterwards we all began to plan for our english tutoring class later that evening. After our dinner at the famous Quiero Mas which consisted of rice, beans and meat of our choice, we left around 5:45PM to the school we tutor at. As always, tutoring was another highlight of our day and ended around 7:50PM which was followed by the usual nightly meeting.

Although we are sad that our trip is nearly coming to an end and we’re trying to postpone our goodbyes to the beautiful city, we can’t wait to come back home to see our loved ones and share the amazing adventures that happened here in Leon. See you soon!

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