We woke up bright and early and traveled to the Chimborazo volcano where we hiked to an elevation of 4,560 feet. The hike was challenging due to the strong winds and cold temperatures; however, we all still made it to the top and took many great pictures! Our plan was to continue hiking in the Polylepis Forest; unfortunately, the harsh weather conditions prevented us from going on the hike. Despite this, we still had a great time and we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Nativa restaurant. After, we returned to our hostel and enjoyed a good amount of free time, some of us played volleyball others went out to buy snacks and a few of us really took advantage of our time and slept. Then, we enjoyed a delicious burrito for dinner and some peaches and cream,  yum! After dinner, we worked on writing letters of appreciation to all those who have made this trip possible for us. As usual, we held our nightly meeting, passed the torch on to the next Lider Del Dia and discussed the agenda for tomorrow. We can’t wait to enjoy our last full day here in Ecuador tomorrow!