Today we started off our morning with delicious banana pancakes for breakfast. Next we took a bus to a boat where we toured the islands of Las Isletas, where we saw some huge and expensive, private homes; islands for sale; and friendly spider monkeys. Then we stopped for lunch at El Pirata where we ate chicken, beef or pork with rice, tostones and salad. We also had the opportunity to be by the pool located inside the restaurant where we played games in the water and played music, like our own little pool party. Then, once we got back to the city we made a surprise stop to the tower in one of the major churches in Granada where we were able to see a beautiful view of Granada. After that, we had free time which gives glimpsers the opportunity to go to the internet cafe, the supermarket, Eskimo (the ice cream shop) and many other places. Later, we ate dinner which was Gallo pinto, plantains with cheese and salad. Lastly, we had our nightly meeting and we discussed the positives and negatives of our day, what things we could improve on for the next day and then introduced the leader of the day for tomorrow.

As the leader of the day I noticed that we are becoming a lot more comfortable with one another. We also are becoming more compassionate and concerned about each others feelings. For example, we had a number of glimpsers who were under the weather yesterday– including myself, and even one who had to be taken to the hospital; Luckily today everyone was feeling better, but all the other glimpsers made sure to wish everyone well and check to see how everyone felt. One thing that we as group have to work on is making sure we wait for instructions or announcements before we leave the common area to do our own thing. Overall, we had a great day, and I’m looking forward to our plans for tomorrow.



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