Hola Everyone!

Today was Fun Day. We woke up at 6:25am, and headed to breakfast. For breakfast, we had cereal with orange juice. My delegation and I had a difficult situation that caused our plans to be delayed, but that was an obstacle that made our family connection stronger. We took a 30 minute bus ride to Lago Apanas. This is the biggest artificial lake in Nicaragua. People in Nicaragua use this lake to generate energy and has an amazing view.

The first couple of activities we did considered of team building exercises. For example, we had activities such as wood skiing, kayaking, and catching water balloons. After having such a great time with the activities, we had a very relaxing lunch under the tent. Our delicious lunch consisted of chicken, rice and fried tortillas. Once done, some people “played” football while others rested and enjoyed the scenery. Some of us went back to the bus to change into our flip flops because we were going to go kayaking next! This was many of my delegations first time kayaking so we were all excited. Our group was split into two because of there weren’t enough kayaks for everyone. After seeing how soaked the first group got, I knew that the color of my jeans would turn a different color, and they did. I was in front of the kayak so I blocked most of the water for my partner. Nevertheless, it was amazing to experience kayaking in a different country while there was a breathtaking view of the lake. After traveling the farthest, my partner and I had trouble coming back ashore because the wave kept pushing us in a different direction. After our exciting day out we came back to our hotel and we all showered. It was the best feeling ever because we were all covered in fresh water and mud.

After that, all of us had free time until dinner at 5pm. For dinner, my delegation and I had homemade baked pizza. Every bite I took, cheese dripped off my pizza. The crust was soft and crunchy at the same time. The pizza was delicious, it was even comparable, if not better than store bought pizza. Gina, who made our pizza, owns a bakery next door. We all want to visit her bakery and try her pastries during our free time.

We ended the day with a Community Action Project (CAP) Seminar. Our options consisted of a mural, reorganizing construction and a garden. Evaluating our budget, time, and skills we decided that we will either paint or reorganize and construct their shack of recyclables. Last but not least, we had our nightly meeting. As leader of the day, I summarized what we did today, reflect and answer question of the day, and passed the torch to the next leader of the day. Lights out at 9:30pm because tomorrow my delegation and I will be experiencing living life on a $1 a day.


Shout out to Mai Vang, I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip!


Mandy Gao



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