Today was a different day from all other days, it surely was fun day for us . We got the chance to go and kayak on Lake Apanas along with some games . The day didn’t look like it would’ve been fun because of the weather . It was raining so much and it was so windy I didn’t think it was going to stop . But once we started our games the weather calmed down no rain and the sun was shining . We began with an interesting game that made us work as a team and use our skills to be a team . We had to have one person walk on sticks as the others held them up . Really challenged our skills but we had fun at the same time . We then got to play an interesting game almost like volleyball but with these type of bags to capture water balloons and rally back and forth . The day seemed to go really well the whole time we were there we were always smiling and laughing at everything . Kayaking came later in the day the water seemed very rough and scary to kayak on . But everything went well no one fell into the water or tipped just a little rain . Overall we had an amazing day Kayaking in the lake and enjoying each others company . Also was a fellow glimpsers birthday Jackie we surprised her in a restaurant . We through this party because she was feeling very ill so we thought we could help her . The cooks prepared pizza and cake for everyone .


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