Day 5

Today we visited multiple places in Matagalpa. First we went to a local chocolate factory named Castillo Cocoa. The owner of the factory gave us of a tour of the factory, and she also showed us how they use the Cocoa seeds to make chocolate, tea, and coffee. At the end of the tour, the tour guide gave all of us a cup of cocoa shell tea which was very delicious. Many of us bought chocolates for our families and friends, so that is something to look forward to. We then traveled to Cascada Blanca , Cascada meaning waterfall in Spanish, and we ate delicious lunch. We had pasta, nachos, salad, and fajitas to choose from. After that we hiked down a trail to see the beautiful Cascade, and we hung out by the water. We saw many bats and the waterfall . After the waterfall trip, we traveled to Meson Italian restaurant, and we all ate many different types of pizzas. Overall today was both very informative and fun, we learned a lot and got to see many new parts of Matagalpa.