Today was an amazing day! We woke up at 7:00 am and had manuelitas for breakfast which are a crepe type roll filled with a type of cheese and cinnamon. We then headed to the Lagoon de Apoyo to begin our day of fun. The day was filled with swimming in beautiful water, kayaking, and relaxing in very comfortable hammocks.


Many of us even overcame fears of deep water with the help of others and a life jacket. For lunch, we had a delicious meal of rice, plantain chips, and either chicken or steak. Even though a few of us got a little sun-burned. The day was very enjoyable and filled with laughter.


When we got back to the house after more hours of bonding and swimming, we had dinner which was the best thing ever. It was Gallo pinto with sour cream, Pico de gallo, cheese, plantain chips. We really like plantain chips. All in all our day was AMAAAAAZZZIIIINNNNGGG.


Shout out to boogie Brando, syndicate fam, and all the other homes. And Sean Kingston.