Hello to all the families back home!

Today we had our second fun day at the Monkey Hut lake. Our day kicked off with a 5 o’clock wake up and ate breakfast on the road at 6:30. It was a 3 hour ride to the lake… fun. 🙂 We arrived to Mirador de Catarina at 9:30 and took group pictures then had 45 minutes to buy souvenirs and walk around. After warping that up, we made our way to the Monkey Hut and got to swim for an hour and a half. After that we ate lunch at 1:30 we took a break and went back to swimming for another two and half hours to swim some more (*I didn’t forget to put on sunblock mom*). Our ride back felt like we were coming back home by bus, time went by so slow and we all passed around snacks until we arrived at Buffet Esteli. After some Nicaraguan Tamales we made our way back to the hostel and had our nightly meeting. In conclusion, “Today was a good day”
– Ice Cube
PS. Thank you to all the love and support from all family and friends over the past few months. This has truly been an eye-opening experience and I have earned many new things spending my time away. I have many stories to share and I can’t wait to see you all.