We awoke to beautiful Moca day. A great breakfast of eggs, fruit, and bread. We would need it on our hike to the waterfalls of Bonao. It was a nice drive, but we worried about rain. When we arrived the sun was shining a typical humid and warm day. We were escorted by members of the Defensca Civil. Four members of a volunteer group insured our safety. The hike was not long but difficult in some spots. It was well worth it. Everyone enjoyed the view. The only issue wet shoes, but that would soon be forgotten. The next stop was the swimming spot. We had no idea how much fun we were about to have. Everyone was hot and drenched with sweat when we arrived at the spot. A nice current and water that was cold to the touch awaited us. Slowly each of us entered the water. Some were hesitant but those in the water made sure they got wet. There were screams of joy as we splashed and played in the refreshingly cool water. Before we were ready we had to leave the water. We could have stayed there all day. After a packed lunch we returned to thank our escort and board the bus for the return trip to Moca and a stop at the La Sirena for necessities and snacks. The question of the day had to do with how environmental issues are treat in Moca comparted to the United States. During our nightly meeting student noticed how much trash was along the trail, how garbage can be found in areas of water, and the checking of personal belongings before entering the hike area. All good reflection on what differences between the Moca and the United States. I am looking forward to the next adventures that await us.

El Lider Del Dia