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August 6th, Fun Day — Beach Day
Bienvenidos family & friends from the 2 Lideres Del Dia — Claudia & Shyreen!! To start off, our day began by waking up at 6am instead of our usual 7am wake up call since the drive to the beach was about an hour & a half away. We left CONAMUCA by 7:15am & headed to the beach called Palmar De Ocoa. Once we arrived at 9:30am we were able to adjust to the beach area as we impatiently waited to meet up with the San Juan delegation. San Cristobal gave San Juan a warm welcoming from the moment they arrived & we quickly interacted with their delegation by playing a large group ice breaker. We then had a chance to get into the clear blue waters of Bani to have the time of our lives & to take lots of memorable pictures.


The 2 delegations met back in our large group to listen to our guest speaker who educated all of us on the history of the famous Dominican rock, Larimar. After the presentation, we were able to purchase Larimar jewelry if we chose to. At 12pm we had lunch which were choices of fried chicken, tostones (fried plantains) & vegetables. Once everyone finished their meal the owners of the beach decided to play music which got all 43 of us on our feet. We danced for about 40 minutes & began getting ready to head back home.
We arrived to the hostel at around 4pm & had 2 hours of free time. During that time, most people were able to freshen up & had the choice to stay at the hostel or go for a walk to el colmado which is a corner store 15 minutes away. At 6 pm we had our program seminar on Living Like a Local which opened our eyes on the daily hardships of each local; an activity that we will all be experiencing tomorrow.
– [ ] After the seminar we had dinner made by the loving hands of our CONAMUCA staff. Our dinner included bread, salad with dressing, pasta, tostones & juice, which was extremely delicious like every other meal. We ended off our day with our nightly meeting on reflecting back on the whole day. As Lideres Del Dia, we must say that we both felt very privileged to show our leadership skills throughout this jam packed day & we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now we will be passing the Lider Del Dia torch to Yoko & Corina. *applause*
Ps: hi family, hope all is well, love you guys and the blog comments that you publish. Can’t wait to see you all! ohh! Can’t forget, happy birthday danthaman! Love your stinky butt:) -Claudia
Ps: I just got my first bug bite as I was typing this because I forgot to put bug spray on.. Oops!! Anyway, hello to my family & friends!! I miss you all very dearly & can’t wait to see you soon 🙂
– This is Claudia & Shyreen signing off!! We will see you all in 5 days