The Glimpsers started this day with a 7:14 a.m. wake up call to explore the even more amazing side of Nicaragua. For much needed fun, the day started off with going to Castilo del Cacao, one of the most famous chocolate factory in Nicaragua. Here the Glimpsers learned about everything there is to know about chocolate: from where it comes–to the process of becoming the mouth watering snack we all know and love.

The Glimpsers at Castilo del Cacao

Learning the history of making delicious all natural dark chocolate

At Castilo del Cacao the Glimpsers got first-hand experience at working in a chocolate factory that was started by two women about 15 years ago. The chocolates are hand-crafted by only three women that run the whole thing!!! It used to take them two days to make 300 kg, but thanks to modern technology, it can be done in 1 day. Making a total of 700 bars a day. WOW :0

Leaving Castilo del Cacao with a mouth full of sweets

Moving on to the next destination of utter enjoyment the Glimpsers had lunch at El Ranchon at laguna de san de Martin. With a buffet to satisfy any hungry camper the group was honored with a live performance from a Mariachi Band. A surprise was waiting under the cloudy skies that could turn any sour day into a bright star. The Global Glimpse Leaders rented out the floating device on the lagoon for the Glimpsers to enjoy after a long week of hard work.

The slide was so fun, that i just couldn’t let go.


While some decided to go swimming. Yolanda and Ashley had an intense game of air hockey.


Soaking in the rays of fun………

After a long day in the water the Glimpsers enjoyed blasting music on the bus ride home–with terrible singing as an added bonus! Others (SILVAN, LOL)—tried to shield themselves with sleep for the long drive back.

Global Glimpse Leader Silvan taking some well deserved z’s.

Come back tomorrow to see what we do for Cap day 1!